Alika believes that the state of affairs in health, education, and welfare of the people in this island community is the priority of delivery from the policy making and governance council of the County of Maui.


Government Accountability and Transparency  -  Since starting this job, one thing has become very clear; the people's goals are being delayed and in many cases blocked by government oversight and misuse of power. If we want to see a Maui with pristine shorelines, a thriving economy (through both agriculture and tourism), and the jobs and housing to support local families; we will need to look inward towards our local government structure.

Housing  -  We must provide “truly affordable housing” opportunities that will stop the displacement of young local resident families migrating away from Maui. We propose that a committed team of individuals representing all sectors of the community be convened with the sole purpose of solving and finding a “truly affordable housing strategy” for this community. From a County perspective, we must address the current ordinances that are possibly contributing to and affecting the high housing costs. Plans shall address an affordable “family rental housing plan”; where young local resident families will be able to “baby-step” their way toward home ownership via rentals, then establishing savings and financial credit towards a down payment for home ownership. Other housing plans shall include “low cost starter homes” community packages.  Another area of housing concerns is to also address the needs of our senior citizens and their housing needs through additional senior housing rentals.

Agriculture – I strongly believe that Maui’s future growth opportunities rest in the area of agriculture.  We have evolved to the state of importing 90% of food consumption.  I believe that we must commit to the increased production of food to feed the people.  We must lower our island imports.  I propose a 0 net import food production match.  In other words, whatever we are importing, can we grow it?  If we are importing a million pounds of bananas from Ecuador, why not increase our production to meet that need.  Or if we are importing mangoes from Chile, why can’t we increase the production of mangoes from Maui and eliminate that?  These important “green collared” jobs are focused in the opportunities of new jobs and careers related to the agriculture industry.

Health of people - The role of a local government should always be addressing the health and welfare of the people first, before the economic gains of the corporations.  Always addressing, first and foremost, is safe drinking water that is available to all, and always making sure we have an adequate supply.  We need to interpret our state motto in such a way as to preserve our natural resources for our future generations’ sustenance.

 Infrastructure - The state of the county properties (parks, community centers, pools, buildings, and roads) need to be maintained and, if need, upgraded to suit our growing population.